Soft Reflectors

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Soft Reflectors

We have wide range of shapes of soft reflectors. We also make reflectors with new shape (shaped like a logo e.g.), the price of new plate will be added to the price of reflector.

Selection of reflecting items:

  • soft reflector – minimum qty is 100 pcs
  • hard reflector
  • slap wrap
  • reflecting toys
  • reflective keyring
  • reflective zipper puller
  • magnetic relfector
  • reflecting stickers
  • reflecting badges
  • reflecting bags
  • running vests
  • reflecting umbrellas
  • safety vests, you can read about them here.

You can find different reflecting goods from the PDF file on the right.

The price includes one fixing: ballchain OR string+safety pin. Parrot fixing and keychanin not included.

ball chain                                string+safety pin        parrot fixing                 keychain

Soft ReflectorsSoft ReflectorsSoft ReflectorsSoft Reflectors

Reflectors meet EN13356 standards

For price offer, please send us following information: item, size/model, qty, 1- or 2-sided print, deadline. 



Attach reflector on the right side on the knee level. It must be seen in every direction and it should hang freely. Damaged or dirty reflector should be replaced. Wearing reflector is compulsory at dark time.

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Soft Reflectors
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