Pole flags

Product information

We sew all pole flags according to your needs: we make the flags according the measures and design you have given. Because we print all our flags using digital print, then the colors of the flags does not matter.

If you have currently a pole between 6 – 10 m high,  below you find suggested measures:

  • 6 m pole: 105 x 165 cm
  • 7 m pole: 115 x 180 cm
  • 8 m pole: 135 x 212 cm
  • 9 m pole: 150 x 236 cm
  • 10 m pole: 165 x 259 cm

Features of pole flags:

  • material: jetflag 115g/m2
  • size according to your needs
  • clips are included

For price offer, please send us following information: measures, amount


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Pole flags
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