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Ad flags

We use digital printing to print our flags, so even most complicated designs are possible and the colors will stay vivid and clear. The flags are printed one-sided, but the print will be in mirror on the other side.

Depending where you will use the flags, choose suitable leg: spike or crosse base. All legs can be bought separately later also

Features of ad flag:

  • We have three types of ad flags: B-230, B-340 and B-450
    • B-230: height with a leg: 2,3m
    • B-340: height with a leg: 3,4m
    • B-450:  height with a leg 4,5m
  • material: jetflag 115g/m2 or airmesh
  • rectangular shaped: find template on the right
  • no color limits, we print according to the file
  • weatherproof print
  • 6 different legs to choose from: chrome leg, colored cross leg, ground spike, tire base, metal plate, screw
    • Chrome and colored cross leg – use on hard ground, i.e. splinters, grass, hard snow, asphalt. For additioanl weight  we recomment to buy addtional weight.
    • Ground spike and screw – use on soft ground, i.e. sand and soft snow
    • Tire base – use under car wheel
    • Metal plate – better for smaller flags, us indoors
  • price includes: pole, printed flag, carrying bag, one leg
  • every part of the flag can be bought separately also

Ad flagsAd flagsAd flagsAd flagsAd flagsAd flagsAd flagsAd flags

For price offer, please send us following information: size, amount, leg type, deadline

If 4,5m flag wil be too short, take a loot at our 7m flagpole.

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